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Training Benefits

Through our heat exchanger training, you will feel comfortable:

  • Identifying cracked heat exchangers quickly and efficiently, saving time and money
  • With the process of walking through inspections with your customer in order to prove your findings
  • Predetermining whether a heat exchanger will likely become defective through inspection of the installation
  • Building trust and confidence within your customers by eliminating second guessing and second opinions
  • Confidently selling a necessary new furnace using your findings from the heat exchanger inspection
  • Locating wear patterns and areas prone to defects on all makes and models of furnaces
  • Increasing sales, profits, and the safety of your customers, immediately

If you are not finding at least 5 out of 10 residential furnace heat exchangers cracked, then you are likely leaving your customers and your liability at risk!

The Instructors

Ellis Prach has worked in the HVAC business for over 50 years. He has owned and operated two successful heating businesses. He now tours the nation annually with his sons, Russell and Christopher, delivering heat exchanger trainings and seminars to contractors and home inspectors nationwide. He is the author of the Heat Exchanger Experts Residential Heat Exchanger Inspection Manual, as well as many other articles and publications. Ellis is considered one of the foremost experts in the nation when it comes to cracked heat exchangers.

Russell Prach, son of Ellis, has grown up in this industry. Shadowing his father, Russell has acquired Ellis’ expertise on heat exchanger services, and is eager to pass it along. Russell’s passion and enthusiasm for this trade is contagious; you will see his enthusiasm transpire in his teaching methods as he captures the attention of each and every student or attendee. Both contractors, and home inspectors alike, leave the class inspired and excited to use their new found knowledge in the field. When Russell is not on tour, aside from working in the field, he is busy creating remarkable pieces through his custom metalwork business.

Meet the youngest instructor on our team, Christopher Prach. Although new to the training, Christopher grew up in this industry under Ellis, so heat exchanger training and servicing are both very familiar to him. The knowledge he brings from his extensive field experience, accompanied by the expertise passed down from his father, makes Christopher a great addition to the instructing team. When Christopher is not on tour, aside from being a father, he oversees the field operations in our service company.

The Course

In this “hands-on” training, over 50 actual field-tested heat exchangers are brought right to the classroom for your personal inspection. Our training has the added convenience of coming direct to the location of your choosing. The problematic heat exchangers reviewed come from actual inspections, just like the ones you encounter in the field, some are only 2-3 years old. You will be guided through inspections using dependable, practical techniques that were developed over a decades-long span of furnace inspections and installations. Our HVAC seminar will teach you how to inspect heat exchangers thoroughly and efficiently, and be confident you are doing the best job possible for your customers.

Our Manual

Our thorough overview of furnace heat exchangers can guide you through most inspections that you might encounter out in the field. It also serves as an excellent textbook for those new to performing furnace inspections. Learn where defects are prone to occurring in specific makes and models of furnaces. Take the guesswork out of heat exchanger inspections!

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