I would be more than happy to go on-and-on about how professionally you presented the materials to our people and how much they appreciated and learned from your seminar, but as the owner of Wighton’s Inc. I am going to let the numbers speak for me.

We have a small company ($2M) on the Central Coast of California. Literally there are homes without functioning heating systems in our service region. It can be very challenging to sell replacement furnaces or anything related to HVAC products. Since attending (technicians, sales people, CSR, dispatcher) your seminar on September 18, 2004 we have recorded the following direct results:

  • Number of leads generated directly from the Heat Exchanger Experts seminar: 53
  • Number of Heat Exchanger Experts leads sold: 34
  • Closing ratio: 64.15%
  • Total replacement sales: $132,853.89

Indirect results:

  • Reduced marketing expense from 6.3% to 2.4%, during the same period 12 month’s prior
  • Total leads generated: 348
  • Total leads sold: 156
  • Closing ratio: 44.83%
  • Total replacement sales: $637,156.29

In short, this seminar is not only for technicians but every employee in your company.

Thank you Ellis; we look forward to again attend your Heat Exchanger Experts seminar.

Ric Shorer