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Training from Heat Exchanger Experts routinely receives rave reviews. Rather than hear it from us, click the links below to read letters from home inspectors, heating companies, and gas companies.

Thank You

Thank you for the expert training you provided to our staff on several occasions. Prior to receiving this training, we felt comfortable inspecting and tuning up furnaces. After your training I was very concerned we may have unintentionally given some furnaces a clean bill of health. This is the same concern I hear from most service technicians after receiving your training.

Brad Tanner


In the short time since I first attended your presentation in Pittsburgh last summer, I feel that I have probably saved numerous lives by being able to detect dangerous defects in furnace heat exchangers.

David M Carson

"Well Worth the Time!"

This class is well worth the time. These guys do an excellent job explaining how to find a cracked heat exchanger as well as the best way to approach a customer with the results. I recommend that all business owners send their techs and installers to this class.

Chris J.

"Highly Recommend"

Had a technician tell me last year he attended a class on heat exchangers. He went on to tell me how he gained so much knowledge about heat exchangers . I got to attend the class today and wow, these instructors covered a lot of material and were thorough. Highly recommend this class if you have the chance. That includes owners, service technician, installers and service managers.

Tim S.

"Best Training in 26 years!"

Have been doing Hvac for 26 yrs. I have been to several training classes in my career. I have a master’s in Hvac ,and also gas certified. This class is by far the BEST training class I’ve ever had! These guys give you hands on training and really know what they are talking about!!

Jimmie C.




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