A damaged heat exchanger is more than a costly nuisance to a homeowner, it can also be a dangerous one. Broken heat exchangers can release harmful carbon dioxide into the home, which can result in the death of the occupants. But heat exchanger repair doesn’t have to be a matter of life and death. When you take a seminar with Heat Exchanger Experts, Inc., we’ll bring dozens of examples of broken and damaged heat exchangers. Our comprehensive training program will walk you through the steps you need to know to repair or replace your client’s heat exchangers. With more than 50 years of experience, our team members are the nation’s go-to source for all things heat exchangers. Schedule your seminar today!

  1. Who Is At Risk From Summer Heat

    Summer heat is often a welcome reprieve from the winter chill. An icy, cold world has given way to greenery and sunshine — it is almost as if life has returned to the world. Especially if you live in a climate with extreme winters, the warmer weather of summer can be an exciting time. Unfortunately, those balmy summer days can be just as dangerous to your health as being trapped out in the cold.…Read More

  2. Why Your Home Needs A Properly Sized Furnace

    There’s a common line of thought that postulates that “bigger is better.” While this may be true for bags of popcorn at a movie theater, or even bowls of ice cream on a hot sunny day, this is less true for the size of furnace for your home. Instead, when it comes to finding the right size heater for your home, you’ll want to follow the Goldilocks test, and find a unit that is “just right…Read More

  3. The Value of Knowledgeable Heat Exchanger Repair

    If you own your own HVAC business or plan to in the future, it is essential that you know and fully understand heat exchanger repair and replacement; beyond simply know how to uninstall and reinstall a heat exchanger, being able to confidently diagnose a cracked heat exchanger will be incredibly beneficial to your long-term reputation. Heat Exchanger Repair: What’s In It For You? Replacement Is …Read More

  4. The Ignored Dangers of CO

    One of the leading causes of accidental death within the home can be traced back to furnace installation and maintenance. This doesn’t occur in a dramatic or flashy way, there will be no explosion, smoke, or any immediately noticeable sign that anything is wrong. In fact, the culprit is odorless, tasteless, and completely invisible. It comes in the form of CO, or carbon monoxide, which is incred…Read More

  5. Welcome to Our Blog!

    We are proud to introduce the Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. blog! As national experts in the HVAC field, and hosts of annually touring heat exchanger training, we have a thing or two to share about HVAC diagnosing and repair. If you navigate further into this blog, you will find tips, tricks and techniques for increasing your efficiency and effectiveness for installing and maintaining HVAC systems f…Read More