Why Your HVAC Company Needs Heat Exchanger Training In 2020

Hello and welcome back to the Heat Exchanger Experts blog! It’s a new year, so we’re going to give you some content to help your HVAC business thrive and grow in this new decade. While there are many things you can do to improve your business, we’re going to take this blog to talk about an immediate, affordable, and fruitful resource you can use to improve your business — heat exchanger seminars from the Heat Exchanger Experts.

So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the seminars we offer and how they can directly impact your business.

What Is A Heat Exchanger Experts Seminar?

Simply put, a Heat Exchanger Experts seminar is a day-long instructional seminar where you and your employees learn how to thoroughly inspect any type of heat exchanger, identify issues, and raise your overall literacy when it comes to HVAC and heat exchangers.

Our seminar is broken into two major sections. First, we have an intensive instructional period where we discuss topics like types of heat exchangers, red flags for heat exchangers, and more! Don’t worry, this sounds like a lot, and it is, but you can rest assured knowing that when you join us for our heat exchanger training, you’ll receive our highly-coveted heat exchanger manual. This will have all of the information we cover in our course, as well as invaluable information on the different types of furnaces, the heat exchangers they feature, and what to know about that specific piece of equipment.

The second section of our seminar is all about hands-on practice. Your team will spend time with actual heat exchangers and practice the techniques we’ve discussed above. The purpose of this is to cement the information into your head, and to help you understand the information we cover on a physical medium. However, during this time, we’ll also explain how to get absolute proof of your diagnosis on any given heat exchanger.

Beyond the information and practice we provide through the course of our seminar, there are a few other perks! In the morning, you’ll be treated to coffee and light snacks. What’s more, the hosting location provides lunch! Not to mention, you’ll have access to a network of other HVAC professionals looking to improve their services. This provides an opportunity to make connections and learn from your peers!

The Benefits Of Our Heat Exchanger Seminars

Now, let’s get to what you’re here for! Since we know what our seminars entail, let’s jump into why our heat exchanger seminars can greatly benefit your business, the services you provide, and your local reputation!

The Best Process For Inspecting Heat Exchangers

While you already know plenty about heat exchangers and HVAC inspection, we’ve been able to identify and create the best, most effective process for inspecting heat exchangers. Throughout the seminar, we’ll be drilling and covering all aspects of heat exchanger inspection in a way that a) gives you the necessary practice to know the process by heart and b) create a holistic understanding of what to look for, reg flags, and other important aspects of a successful inspection.

How To Identify A Cracked Heat Exchanger Efficiently

In addition to teaching the best process for inspecting heat exchangers, we’ll teach you how to efficiently identify cracks in a heat exchanger. This will not only make the overall process of inspecting a heat exchanger more efficient, but it will also increase your credibility by supplying you with the expertise to identify and address problematic cracks in your client’s heat exchangers in a way that proves you’re an authority in the world of HVAC.

How To Instantly Identify Faulty Heat Exchangers

While this may seem the same as identifying cracked heat exchangers, we’re actually talking about another priceless skill — identifying faulty heat exchangers based on the quality of the installation. This is another time-saving and credibility-building skill. Not only will you be better equipped to notice a bad installation job just by observing the state of the heat exchanger, but you’ll also impress the client by being able to explain and show them the red flags you’ve seen that indicate the need for a replacement.

Identify Problem Areas For Different Types Of Heat Exchangers

While this won’t necessarily be a skill you can show to your clients, it’s a skill that’s going to help you and your employees be better and feel more confident in their skills. We’ll extensively cover the different warning signs and problems that arise with specific models of heat exchanger. This will grant you an intimate understanding of what to look for when dealing with certain products, empowering your workforce with valuable knowledge that will increase efficiency in the long run!

10 Ubiquitous Factors That Can Cause Any Heat Exchanger To Crack

Another great piece of information you’ll gain through our seminar is 10 different factors that cause any and all heat exchangers to crack. For one, this information better equips your business to diagnose the source of a heat exchanger crack, making your job easier. But in addition to that benefit, this information will help you increase trust with your clients. That’s because you’ll be equipped to give any customers who have installed a new heat exchanger the rundown of factors that could cause their heat exchanger to crack. This will empower them to take care of their new equipment, and increase your credibility, trustworthiness, and appreciation in the eyes of your client.

Increase The Level Of Trust Between You And Your Clients

We mentioned this above, but it’s such an important benefit that it deserves its own section! One of perhaps the most valuable benefits from our seminar is the increased trust you’ll build with your client base. Of course, this won’t be a magic flip of the switch — it’s going to take some time to implement the information and skills you learn from our seminar. However, as you start to use the skills when working with customers, it won’t go unnoticed. When clients receive the stellar services you offer with the knowledge we provide, they’ll be impressed and pleased with your services. This means that they’re most likely going to use you for their HVAC needs in the future and recommend you to their friends who are in need of an HVAC service provider.

How To Sell An Upgraded Heat Exchanger

What do you do when you encounter a broken heat exchanger? Well, it’s in everyone’s best interests to get rid of the old and replace it with a new, safe heat exchanger. We take time to thoroughly discuss how to sell heat exchangers to clients. We’re not talking about convincing a client to upgrade when they don’t need to. We’ll give you the tools to explain what’s wrong with their current system, what system will effectively replace what’s broken, and why the system you’re suggesting makes sense for their needs.

How To Increase Your Profits And Safety

Finally, you’ll learn how to increase your profits and the overall safety of your HVAC operation. At the end of the day, that’s honestly the goal of these seminars. We know, personally, how important HVAC companies are to the communities they serve. We know because we have a long history in the HVAC industry. And we’ve grown to understand that by having a holistic perspective of heat exchangers, what they do, and the problems that can arise with them you’ll be more successful as a HVAC service provider.

Seminars With The Heat Exchanger Experts

Thank you for taking some time to read about our heat exchanger seminars that we have to offer! Hopefully this has opened your eyes to how we can help you improve the quality of the HVAC services you provide. It really is our goal to empower our HVAC peers to reach a point where they’re providing the best possible services they can.

If you’re interested in joining us for our next seminar, check out our open classes! If you’re interested in learning more information about the specific skills and information we cover in our seminar, check out this resource on our trainings. And finally, if you have any questions about the services we provide through our heat exchanger seminars, please contact us today!