Who We Are — Heat Exchanger Experts

Welcome back to the Heat Exchangers Experts blog! Today we’re going to switch up our article content and talk a bit about us. After all, at Heat Exchanger Experts, we’re a family-owned-and-operated business that’s dedicated to helping the HVAC operations of the United States excel at their craft. Because of this, we think it could be beneficial to our customers to know some more about who we are, where we come from, and what we have to offer you!

In Runs In The Family

The Prach family is responsible for the creation of our incredible company! In fact, it all started with Ellis Prach who has an extensive history in the HVAC industry — over 50 year in total. In the beginnings of his HVAC career, Ellis owned two different HVAC businesses before he started Heat Exchanger Experts. Over the course of his HVAC businesses, Ellis began to recognize the need for intensive heat exchanger education across the board.

While any HVAC specialist will have a general understanding of the heat exchanger and its function, Ellis began to understand how pivotal an intimate understanding of the heat exchanger could be. When he was able to identify faulty heat exchangers, know which heat exchangers are featured in which furnaces, etc., he was able to perform better HVAC services to his clients. He was more efficient and more effective in his work, and his customers were more satisfied and trusting in the work he did.

As a result, Ellis realized the need for heat exchanger education in the HVAC industry. However, to his dismay, he couldn’t find a proper service to take advantage of. The solution? He created it himself! For starters, Ellis wrote the now famous Heat Exchanger Experts® Residential Furnace Inspection Manual, which now serves as the industry’s reference for all things residential heat exchangers.

In addition to providing the world with the most-comprehensive heat exchanger reference manual, Ellis started traveling the country administering heat exchanger training and seminars to the United States’ HVAC experts. Now, he does this all with his two sons, Russell and Christopher.

Russel Prach, Ellis’ older son, has been involved with Heat Exchanger Experts for his entire life! Working with his father quickly became a passion, and that’s something Russel infuses into every training he conducts. A charismatic, informative, and captivating instructor, Russel’s heat exchanger expertise easily transfers to all those attending!

Christopher Prach is the youngest member of the Heat Exchanger Experts team, but he doesn’t lack for skill or knowledge! Like his older brother, Christopher has spent his life working in the family business, and quickly developed a passion to contribute to the family business. His specialty is HVAC servicing, and he’s developed his skill and expertise through servicing our clients. That being said, he makes a fantastic instructor at our training sessions because his experience with and understanding of the heat exchanger are unique and comprehensive.

What We Do

Now that we know a bit about our family, let’s jump into the services we provide! As you may have deciphered from the content above, we facilitate training sessions and seminars for HVAC providers that revolve entirely around the heat exchanger.

For an in-depth discussion of what happens at our heat exchanger training, you can check out this resource we’ve created. You’ll find schedules, detailed descriptions of each event we do at our training events, and much more!

But for the rest of you, we’ll provide a quick explanation. To start, at our training, we’ll spend a significant amount of time discussing heat exchangers you’ll encounter during your work. This includes old, even outdated, models of heat exchangers as well as new models. We’ll discuss how to identify issues across different models, common problems that arise with particular models of heat exchangers, and more.

After our intensive educational portion of the training, we’ll move on to hands-on practice with a variety of heat exchangers so you can tangibly apply the information we cover in the first half of the training. While this may seem overwhelming, don’t fret.

Sure, you’ll be encountering plenty of new information during this training, but we won’t expect you to remember it all! After all, we’ve spent decades assembling this knowledge, so it’d be pretty unrealistic to expect you to retain it all in a day. That’s why when you participate in our heat exchanger training, you’ll go home with your very own copy of our proprietary heat exchanger manual. This manual contains the information that we cover in our training and more, so you’ll have a handy reference manual to utilize whenever you’re in need of a refresh.

Finally, these training sessions provide a unique and priceless venue to network and build connections with other HVAC providers from around the country.

At Heat Exchanger Experts, our passion is in our name, and our passion runs in the family. We’re dedicated to moving the HVAC industry forward through the spreading of knowledge, and by connecting the experts that service our country.

If you’re interested in participating in one of our heat exchanger training sessions, check out our schedule! And if you have any questions about the training we provide, feel free to contact us today.