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We are proud to introduce the Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. blog! As national experts in the HVAC field, and hosts of annually touring heat exchanger training, we have a thing or two to share about HVAC diagnosing and repair. If you navigate further into this blog, you will find tips, tricks and techniques for increasing your efficiency and effectiveness for installing and maintaining HVAC systems for your clients.

About us

Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. is a multi-generational family business comprised of heat exchangers and HVAC experts. Our founder, Ellis Prach, actually wrote the handbook on heat exchanger diagnostics. This handy manual was made to easily fit within any HVAC or utility technician’s toolbox, and can help to diagnose just about any heat exchanger issue.

Our seminars

In fact, our entire company exists to help technicians across the country better serve their clients, increase their profits, and increase their effectiveness in homes everywhere. Our educational heating exchanger training seminars teach thousands of techs everything they need to know to diagnose and prevent potentially dangerous and costly problems before, during, and after they happen. In our experience, as many as half of furnaces serviced feature a cracked heat exchanger, leaving families everywhere at risk if these issues are not addressed. Start catching problems for your clients by learning to find these faults before they become an issue.

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Contact us today to learn more or to get a town near you on our nationwide tour. To find out where we’re already scheduled to hold a heat exchanger training seminar, check out our scheduled stops here.