Ways to Learn from Heat Exchanger Experts

Winter is coming and the public is depending on you to make sure that their heaters are functioning smoothly and safely. If you’re working in the HVAC business, own a company that deals with heat exchanger services on the regular, or you’re interested in learning about the safety and structures regarding machines in the HVAC industry, then we believe it’s absolutely pertinent to involve yourself in gaining a thorough understanding of the business. Luckily, our heat exchanger training company was birthed for this very reason!

Heat Exchange Experts’s mantra is to provide those willing to learn with the necessary materials to get them out of the classroom and into the HVAC field as quickly as possible without sacrificing proper training. Luckily, depending on the needs of a the student, our company has made our expertise available through a variety of different mediums. Here’s how to get involved:

Ways to Receive Knowledge from Heat Exchanger Experts Inc.

Catch us In the Classroom… We’re on tour!

Our trained lecturers will be making their way around the country in August through October. Heat Exchange Experts will be making stops in Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland in the first two months. In October, they’ll be holding seminars in Washington, Idaho, and California, so stay tuned!

Additionally, you can also request a seminar from Heating Exchange Experts Inc. if your location is too far from the classes that we’ll be holding in the next few months!

A seminar provided by our heat exchanger training experts will give you up close experience with 50 different heat exchangers. These classes are designated to ensure that students can detect heat exchanger problems quickly and efficiently. Heat exchangers are the backbone of the HVAC business. Therefore, having a firm knowledge of how to detect problems in a heat exchanger is going to be what allows your business to flourish.


Order Our Manual

If you absolutely can’t make it to a Heat Exchange Experts seminar, then perhaps consider ordering our heat exchanger training handbook. This manual provides in depth expertise and tips for diagnosing heat exchanger problems. In addition to providing knowledge on heat exchanger diagnostics, it also gives instruction regarding sales for you HVAC business and price point negotiations. What’s the point of becoming a Heat Exchange Expert yourself if you can’t get any business? We’ve been in the HVAC industry for far too long to keep our knowledge to ourselves. While we go into better detail in our seminars and recommend coming if your company has the time and resources, we’re proud in stating that our manual can go very far in providing training tips and tricks!

Keep Up With Our Blog

The hullabaloo surrounding what’s to do with HVAC is never-ending. While we’d love to publish a brand new manual on the regular, maintaining our HVAC blog here is a lot more achievable! We’ll use this space to update you about some of the news regarding heat exchanger services as well as provide insightful information!

We hope to catch you at one of our upcoming seminars! Thanks for reading and check back regularly for updates.