The Value of Knowledgeable Heat Exchanger Repair

If you own your own HVAC business or plan to in the future, it is essential that you know and fully understand heat exchanger repair and replacement; beyond simply know how to uninstall and reinstall a heat exchanger, being able to confidently diagnose a cracked heat exchanger will be incredibly beneficial to your long-term reputation.

Heat Exchanger Repair: What’s In It For You?

Replacement Is Worth Less

Sure, in the short-term, a replaced heat exchanger will almost definitely net you a larger invoice. However, if you are able to effectively diagnose the problem and circumvent a heat exchanger replacement that would have costed the homeowner a considerable sum of money, then guess what? You just made a raving fan. While it may seem less worth your time to take the time to learn how to diagnose every common heat exchanger, and especially worth less to learn to repair them, the ability to instill confidence in you and your business’ abilities and honesty is worth so much more than a higher invoice is. Remember: Even if a homeowner believes that the replacement is necessary, they will love you so much more if you can avoid it; this means repeat business, referrals, and more invoices to come.

Why Repair?

Okay, sure, proper diagnostics has some value; but full-blown heat exchanger repair? That seems a bit more tedious than a replacement would be, so why bother? Again, as mentioned above, you’ll be able to offer your customers a middle ground between furnace replacement, heat exchanger replacement, and nothing. Unfortunately, in this business, nothing is all too often an action that people opt for, which can put them at unnecessary risk and nets you nothing on the invoice line; in other words, doing nothing is a total lose-lose. By offering heat exchanger repair to each of your customers whenever possible, you give them another option that they can latch onto or weigh when considering a furnace replacement. Again, this increases your honesty and helps to build your reputation as an HVAC company/servicer with integrity; as mentioned above, reputation is everything in this business, and suspected unnecessary heat exchanger replacements are one of the easiest ways to diminish your reputation.

Acquiring the Knowledge

There are plenty of places to take HVAC courses, but so few that truly teach and reward heat exchanger repair. At Heat Exchanger Experts, we quite literally wrote the book on heat exchangers, and are also considered the foremost experts in heat exchanger training nationwide. By traveling the country and providing large-scale trainings, we strive to improve the entire industry’s knowledge and standards when it comes to heat exchanger diagnostics, repairs, and replacements. If you believe that your business, your area, or even just your skills could be improved with specific and applicable knowledge about real heat exchangers, reach out to us to learn more about setting up or joining a training near you.