Is it Time For a Heat Exchanger Seminar?

Hello HVAC repairmen and servicers alike, and welcome back to the Heat Exchanger Experts blog. In our last post, we briefly chatted about some of the ways you could learn from our team of heat exchanger training programs. Whether you come to one of our seminars, or learn via our heat exchanger handbook, we’re sure that you’ll learn something valuable to take to the HVAC market. While it’s never a bad idea to sit in on one of our many sessions, there are a few instances when it’s fairly pertinent. If you’re in a managerial position or own an HVAC company, or you’re in the business doing licensed contract work, here’s why you should come in to one of our HVAC classes:

Reasons to Schedule a Heat Exchange Seminar

You Hired New Employees

New employees, regardless of how trained they are in their field, can always learn something new. When bringing on new workers to your business, it’s important that they have a thorough understanding of all of the components in the systems. Our seminars are comprehensive and present multiple heat exchanger units for examination so that students can visually see the different types of units and how to diagnose problems. If your HVAC company is in the process of hiring new employees, Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. recommends that your company schedules them for a lecture.

A Change in the Industry

Even the slightest change in HVAC standards or machine components can cause a ripple in how employees and businesses go about installations, repairs, and maintenance of repairing air conditioning and heating units. Whether the EPA released new energy standards or more companies began moving towards newer controls, it’s important to keep on your toes for whenever changes in the industry come about. We at Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. are regularly updating our lectures to meet changes in the industry. You can rest assured that if you or your employees attend our HVAC classes, you won’t be learning stale information.


You Open a New Location

You might be surprised how much things could differ in homes and businesses in terms of their HVAC systems across towns. For example, if you’ve been servicing a certain area for a while, you’ve likely noticed a trend in the systems. When you open up an office in a new area, even if it’s a few miles away, you’ll notice that the parts and machines around are a little bit different. If your company moves or opens up a new location, schedule a seminar for you and your employees to both refresh your knowledge and update your understanding on heat exchangers. In case you run into HVAC exchangers that you aren’t particularly familiar with, the new information you picked up from our seminars will surely come in handy.

Thanks for reading today’s post. Between the growing and changing industry and more people joining the mix, it’s always recommended that an HVAC company and its employees keep up to date with the systems and their internal components. A malfunctioning heat exchanger is one of the primary issues when a heater or air conditioner isn’t working. Be sure to schedule a seminar with The Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. today!