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Represents over 50 years of combined expertise in the heating industry.

The most effective way to find and identify defects in the heat exchanger.

We are the expert when it comes to furnace heat exchangers.

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As the author of the Heat Exchanger Experts® Residential Heat Exchanger Manual, Heat Exchanger Experts Inc. founder, Ellis Prach is considered one of the foremost experts when it comes to troubleshooting cracked heat exchangers. His residential furnace inspection manual will show you how to inspect heat exchangers thoroughly, yet efficiently, so that you can be satisfied you are doing the best job you can for your customers. The dependable, practical techniques shown in his manual were developed over a 40-year span of furnace inspections and installations.

Over 50 actual field-tested heat exchangers are brought right to the class room for your personal inspection. See the stress points, fracture zones, and design considerations which you MUST know in order to properly inspect a furnace.

Every furnace installer and inspector can benefit from this seminar. The information presented represents over 50 years of combined expertise in the heating industry. Learn the secrets of the trade now so you can apply them throughout your career.


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Thank You

Thank you for the expert training you provided to our staff on several occasions. Prior to receiving this training, we felt comfortable inspecting and tuning up furnaces. After your training I was ver…Read More

Brad Tanner



Ellis, I would be more than happy to go on-and-on about how professionally you presented the materials to our people and how much they appreciated and learned from your seminar, but as the owner of Wi…Read More

Ric Shorer
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